I am a professional Violin/Viola Player with Great background experience, playing in different orchestras and bands also playing in a huge audience, working in Philharmonic Orchestra about 16th Years and Cruise Ship Companies about 7th Years as a Band Leader of Strings.
I am ready to share my knowledge and ability how to play Violin/Viola and make study easy and successful. Also available to teach Music Theory .

First lesson is free of charge.Let’s meet and know each other. My lessons are tailored to each individual student’s needs and requirements particularly where following the traditional grade exam system alone may fall short in offering a well rounded musical experience. Violin/Viola lessons will include Improving technique with melodic study pieces which focus on one or maximum 2 aspects string technique at a time
Ear training to develop awareness of intonation
Listening, diagnosing and problem-solving techniques to ensure efficient and effective practice between lessons
Learning how to play in context as ensemble in Duo(with me)

Theory / Aural lessons will include

Ear training (learning how to memorise and sing back a succession of notes – and eventually melodies)
Interval training (learning to detect by ear the interval between two notes played at the same time)
Dictation (annotating a given melody – for more advanced students)
Rhythm training (learning how to clap increasingly complicated rhythms in different time signatures)
Chords (recognising different types of chords – Major, Minor, Dominant/Diminished 7th etc)

I am native Russian, Ukrainian Language and a fluent English speaker and lessons can be taught in either of these languages using the Solfège (do re mi) or letter name ( A B C) systems. If a student wishes to transition from one system to another or is interested in learning both, this can be facilitated as well.

4 reviews

  1. Natalya is a delightful person to work with.

    Date: January 2019
    Always very happy and willing to play at events, even at short notice. She has been a member of the HACS Philharmonic Orchestra and HACS Strings & Woodwind Orchestra for over a year and is one of my regular principal violists. Always very punctual at events – usually early, and very helpful to our young orchestra members. Natalya is an excellent violist with great technical ability and a great asset to the orchestra.

  2. Natalya is a great performer and violinist.

    Date: January 2019
    I have invited her on my surprise tea party and Wowed all my guests including me. She is very passionate and easy to communicate with. She is open to suggestions and is professional. I highly recommend her to anyone!

  3. A superlatively professional Band Leader of Strings.

    Date: July 2019
    She raised my daughter’s wedding reception from a village hall hop to a truly classy occasion. Their musicianship is astounding. Booking Natalya Strings was a hassle-free experience and Natalya was very cooperative in amending her playlist to suit our wishes. I’ve nothing but praise for this extremely talented Strings. They exceeded expectations in every respect. Highly recommended.

  4. Right on point and even with a touch of playfulness.

    Date: September 2019
    I would like to thank Natalya for supporting us for our in-store Xmas event!! She played beautifully! Right on point and even with a touch of playfulness. I was not able to be in the store for long but I received good feedback in regards. I would highly recommend her to anyone out there. Thank you.

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