Pedro Sampaio

I started my career in music at the age of 12 in the local band in Guimarães, my hometown, and I never left the field always playing as a solo instrumentalist or as part of an ensemble, band, or orchestra, and due to my interest in music and in particular the tuba. In 2004 I received my undergraduate degree as an instrumentalist by the “Escola Superior de Música e das Artes do Espectáculo” (School of Music and Performing Arts) of “Instituto Politécnico do Porto” – Public Higher Education Institution, and a few years later, already working as a musician in the Naval Band of the Portuguese Navy and as a teacher in several schools and conservatories, I enrolled on a master program studying vocational education in music in “Universidade de Aveiro” from which I hold a post-graduate degree. Around 2011, I started my collaboration in the Orquestra Geração program, a project inspired by El Sistema, a social music program for children in Venezuela, and my role in Orchestra Geração grew from only teaching to Deputy Director Music school. My interest in teaching and leadership started to grow from the beginning and since that, during my professional path, I did several trainings in orchestra management and early childhood education mainly promoted by the National Conservatory of Lisbon.
At present, besides being a 1st sergeant and first tuba at the Portuguese Navy Band with periodic concerts throughout Portugal, I am also teaching wind instruments in solo classes, ensemble, and orchestra, coordinating groups of young musicians and teachers, and I am also required to conduct in Orquestra Geração concerts. I am also part of the direction of the Tuba and Euphonium Portuguese association in which I work as a treasurer.

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