Marta Maroto. BA(hons) Piano Pedagogy, BA (hons) Piano Performance, CPTC.

Marta Maroto is an Spanish pianist and teacher, co-director and Head Teacher of MMQ Piano Studio in NW London. She started to study Classical Ballet at the age of 8 and three years later she started her piano studies. From that moment onward she developed both paths with the same passion. It was in 2001 once she finished her Ballet Degree and after having her first experiences as a piano teacher, when she decided to focus in her piano career and study both degrees in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy.

During her degree studies’ years, she started her private teaching practice back in Madrid. Once she finished her studies, she also became a piano teacher and head of the piano department in the Valdemoro Music School (Madrid) and continued her professional development with postgraduate piano teaching seminars in Alcalá de Henares University.

It is in 2011 when she decides to move to London and settle here her teaching practice, benefiting her students from the knowledge and Spanish experience while getting further English qualifications. This is why she becomes a member of the European Piano Teachers’ Association (EPTA), and a graduate with distinction of its highly regarded Piano Teachers’ Course. The course is the UK’s leading professional development course solely for piano teachers.

After 7 years of a very successful Piano Studio, Marta has expanded to Piano School (MMQ PIano Studio) where she acts as Head Teacher and coaches all teachers, so everyone follows the same strategies, ethos, curriculum and materials.

Marta has more than 16 years of experience teaching piano, being the last 9 full time. She teaches to a wide range of students, from 3 year old to adults. Although she has specialized in classical music she can teach all styles, from classical to modern, also at all levels.

Her lessons connect all areas of musical learning as technique, aural, theory, reading skills, improvisation, composition and musical styles. These connections are carefully made for the student to understand musical elements from all different angles possible. Each pupil has a tailor made curriculum depending on the skills, needs and goals. Marta will not ‘fast track’ a pupil through exams by compromising on the development of secure musical foundations.

Through the years of experience in Spain and London, she has developed a solid and comprehensive curriculum to ensure students get a deep understanding. This curriculum is not only based in playing, but supported by games for the younger ones, lots of curious exploration, movement activities etc. And complemented with group lessons every month for kids and meet ups for adults. A great way to socialize and lean from others, leaving the idea apart that playing the piano is a lonely activity. She also works with specific programs for preschoolers, kids, teenagers and adults.



Utopia House, 192-206 High Road, NW10 2PB

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