Myke Masters

Myke Masters  a brilliant dynamic performer with a massive stage presence, hit the music scene playing bass guitar in 1981 with three brilliant musicians who had a fantastic sound; this was Mykes first band simply called “Project.” Myke created new groups with new musicians and performed under names entitled: Project, Project ll, Phase, Quiet Storm, Progressive Soul Programme, Broadcast, Spirit, Jazzment, plus a Jimi Hendrix Tribute Band.
Myke was approached by an A&R man who introduced him to the reggae super-group Third World. Keyboardist Michael “Ibo” Cooper and drummer Willie Stewart interviewed Myke and took him on to work with them in a new band called the Mighty Force. The band recruited a front man and singer and soon they were gigging in educational establishments including Cambridge and Oxford. Myke and Willie Stewart attended a teaching and learning course called: Instrumental Music Facilitator for musicians wanting to teach in schools and colleges. Myke graduated with 100% marks and distinctions right across the board.
Myke put together another band called the Myke Masters Band. This is Mykes latest project with a difference. Myke named the band after him because he wanted the name to remain and the band personnel to be interchangeable. MMB was formed in the summer of 2005. The original band featured Megs, Orvil and Myke and together they contributed to the first MMB album entitled: Open Space. Myke created and produced the hugely successful Open Space concert that marked the arrival of a new contemporary funk fusion band that is still producing songs today. MMB have performed at the Royal Festival Hall, London: The Hilton Hotel, London: The Lambeth Country Show, London: The JAMM, London: The Railway, London: Music Bar, London: The 635 Bar, London: The White Lion, London: The 12 Bar Club, Central London: The Slug and Lettuce, London: Half Moon, London: Babalou Club, London: and the annual Jerk cook Out Festival, Horniman Museum, London.
Myke has many years of professional public performances, studio recording experiences and band leadership qualities for almost every musical environment. Myke has achieved a great deal over the years, too much to mention here. A first rate bassist who cannot be pigeon-holed easily. He makes the bass sing melodies, rhyme and drive all at the same time. An excellent understanding of how the bass guitar works totally creative, inspirational and original, Mykes’ compositions and playing style motivates anyone working with him into performing. Others are able to relate to him and some rely on his teachings to prepare and add to their own experiences. This man is very creative, intuitive and hugely talented, because of life experiences, his wealth is his music and anyone studying or working within his circle will benefit wholly. Myke is one of the UK’s innovative bassists, an unsung hero of this underrated instrument and a truly enigmatic musical artist.

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