Katie Patterson

Katie Patterson prides herself in a thoughtful, supportive, patient and fun approach to drum lessons. She is originally from rural Nova Scotia, Canada and came to the UK in 2008 to study music.
She received her BA(hons)Jazz from Leeds College of Music in 2011 and now maintains a busy schedule as a performer and educator. Katie received the Jazz Yorkshire Young Musician of the Year Award 2012 and the John Scheerer Prize for Kit Drums and the Sam Hood Rosebowl for Outstanding Performance in 2011. Her drumming has been praised in Jazzwise Magazine by Brian Priestley (Feb 2011) and John Newey (June 2011) . She was a part time lecturer at Leeds College of Music in 2011 teaching adults from beginner level to advanced. On top of performing in the UK, Katie has toured in Holland, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Germany, USA and Canada with various projects. She received Italy’s Tuscia in Jazz European Jazz Award in 2014 after performing at the Tuscia in Jazz Festival. She has been teaching privately since 2005 with a concentration on tailoring each lesson for the individual student in a supportive, encouraging and fun atmosphere. No matter what the age or experience, Katie is passionate about sharing her love for music and the drums. General topics covered include technique, time, drum notation, reading, improvising, styles, creating drum parts, fills, soloing, how to support a band, drum tuning/maintenance and most importantly, musicality. Other areas: band leading skills, notation software (Sibelius), making a living as a musician, composition, time management/organisation, ear training and music appreciation. Katie often accompanies her students on bass guitar in the lessons to simulate a live band experience. Whether you’ve never played drums before, or you’d just like to brush up on a few things, please contact Katie and book a lesson! Lessons can be as regular or as irregular as the student sees fit. Please note all lessons will be taught in Katie’s studio in South London, which is equipped with all modern conveniences needed for exciting multi-faceted teaching. This includes audio playback facilities, access to wireless internet, printer/photocopier, a selection of drums and cymbals, keyboard, basses, guitars, amplifiers and a wide range of percussion instruments.
“Having lessons with Katie was amazing. I had a really great time and also, she really helped me improve my technique. I feel like with her I managed to really internalise concepts that until then felt a bit vague to me. I recommend taking lessons with her. She is an inspiring musician, but also a wonderful teacher”.   -Maria Alzamora, Age 24

“Katie was an absolute gift when I found her! I am a 51 year old woman (girlie at heart) and started playing the drums approximately four years ago. Katie is quite simply brilliant, talented and an excellent teacher. She is extremely encouraging and generous minded with her knowledge and experience. She is also very inclusive (having been invited to and attended several gigs/events she has performed at) all in the interests of learning and having fun. She has been an inspiration to me not only as a drummer and musician, but as a person who is dedicated, motivated and very, very talented. I miss her already”   -Debra Fairley

“Katie was a breath of fresh air for the young drummer in our family. Jacob (aged 13) had got a bit demotivated under his previous teacher, but he soon recovered his enthusiasm for drumming with Katie. Jacob says he liked how Katie lays out her lessons, and the choice between technical drumming and doing songs. We enjoyed watching the results at Rock School UK, which takes place in the school holidays every summer.”   -David Hubbard (Father)

‘I started learning the drums about half a year ago. I’m enjoying them and am learning quite fast. My favourite thing about the lessons is that I actually get to learn a piece – music in the charts like Bruno Mars, Kings of Leon, etc’   -Sam MacDonald, Age 14

“I dream about my drum lessons with Katie because it’s fun. I like it when Katie plays bass guitar and I play the drums as well!”   -Isaiah Smith, Age 4

“I had never played drums before starting lessons with Katie. The Monday lessons were the best days of the week! Her classes are fun and you learn lots of techniques, rhythms, and ways to develop your skills. She is an awesome teacher! Highly recommended.”   -Raul Suhett De Morais

“Drum lessons with Katie was really beneficial. Lessons were really fun with different techniques and games every lesson! She plays and teaches with style. Awesome drummer, I highly recommend Katie to be your Drum tutor.”    -James Marsh, Age 14

‘Katie made my 8 year olds drum lessons great fun. She had lots of ideas to keep him interested and engaged and her cheerful personality and huge musical talent made the lessons really varied. I would highly recommend her as a drum teacher for children.’   -Katherine Smith

‘Thanks Katie for your inspirational teaching style which focuses on perfection which helps get rid of those bad habits. And thanks for getting me out of my comfort zone doing the Jazz jam sessions’              -Gary Scott

“Katie was an absolutely amazing teacher. Her approach to instruction merged the practical with the theoretical which provided a broad understanding of both my instrument and the music. Her lessons, though challenging, never left me feeling overwhelmed, but rather excited to pursue my studies further. In fact, the highest testimonial I can give for Katie is not her incredible talent nor her excellent teaching style, but rather her unmatched, infectious passion for the music. I can say without a doubt that I would never be studying percussion at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) if I had not studied with Katie beforehand, because working with her showed me the drive behind a true artist.”
– Dane Stewart

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