Jax Richardson

Jax Richardson has been teaching music privately and in colleges for over a decade, delivering workshops and courses on subjects such as technical development, creativity, songwriting, composition and genre studies.

He was given his first teaching opportunity at just 15 years old at The London Music School in Hackney, having been spotted whilst studying at The Brit School. Jax went on to do a degree in popular music performance at the I.C.M.P in Kilburn.

Originality and creativity are a big part of his teaching style. As students progress, not only will their technical ability and understanding improve, they will build up a repertoire of their own material as well as being encouraged to find their own unique voice on their instrument.

Instruments/Subjects Taught:

Electric Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Bass Guitar


Songwriting + Composition

As well as working regularly as a music tutor Jax also works in several other areas of the arts including documentary film making, music video direction, dance and comedy.

Current Projects:

Fjokra – Jax has been the lead guitarist for the eccentric multi-genre act “Fjokra” since late 2016. Having spent most of 2017 performing all over the UK, 2018 saw the release of their latest single “Evening Lights” along with the announcement of the launch of their very own record label “Two Bullocks”. An album is currently in the works with several more singles scheduled for release throughout 2018.

Sad Clown – In 2017 Jax launched “Sad Clown”. An indie alternative project with a focus on songwriting and visual story telling. In late 2017 their debut E.P “A Better Way Of Living” was released featuring one music video being released every month for five months leading up to their December release. All videos were directed and edited by Jax. A two part follow up is scheduled for the second half of 2018 with several free to download singles being released in the mean time. Also in 2018 several of the Sad Clown music videos will be being showcased at the Harwich arts festival.


Solo – 2016 saw the release of Jax debut instrumental guitar E.P “All That Goes Unsaid”. A follow up release is planned for late 2018.


Annie Bea – in 2018 Jax joined the live band for blues/jazz artist Annie Bea on bass guitar. Not only was this a great opportunity to more regularly perform in some of the styles he has been studying and teaching for years such as blues, jazz, country and fusion, but also to showcase his love of bass. Compared to the intricate arrangements of Fjokra and simplicity of Sad Clown, Annie Bea’s live band is full of spontaneous improvisations and jams that showcase an often unseen side of Jax repertoire.

The Palette Social – In 2016, along with Sam Robson and Freddie Draper, Jax founded “The Palette Social” a multi-genre musical collective. Their first single “Money” was released in early 2017 with an E.P due for release in late 2018.

Vigier Guitars – Having been playing Vigier guitars for nearly 10 years, In October 2016 Jax joined the artist endorsement roster with Vigier Guitars.

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