Daniel Leigh

Daniel Leigh is a professional singer, guitarist and song writer. He fronts UK rock band New Device whom he has seen national and international success with.
Throughout his professional career as a musician, Daniel has continued teaching the guitar to a variety of age groups. His forte lies in teaching hungry players who are anxious to develop their techniques in their playing and supporting and guiding his students in the development of their own style and sound.
When teaching beginners, he is a tutor with great patience and understanding. His rapport with the young and older generations is a pleasure to watch and has not gone unnoticed.
During his teaching career he has taught guitar at Whitmore High School and was the head tutor for their rock school where he would help students create bands, learn songs they wanted to play together and help them develop their own music.
Since 2010 Daniel has also been one of the head tutors at the Newbury Rock School where he has coached and written for countless bands. One of his biggest successes stories from teaching in Newbury is his involvement with a young group called “The Mini Band”. He has written and coached them for over 4 years and they are now known internationally and have played several major music festivals in the UK not to mention their numerous TV appearances.
As a tutor, Daniel is perfect for the beginner-intermediate player who simply wants to play for their own enjoyment or for those who have aspirations on taking music seriously as a hobby or even as a profession.
He is fluent in many styles of guitar playing but ultimately caters for the desires of his student. He is a firm, fun and highly patient teacher who is happy to answer- and welcomes all questions that are presented to him. His knowledge of the industry and the highly active role he still plays within it make for a very special added bonus for any musician looking to find their way in the very tough industry of music. More than just a guitar teacher, Daniel coaches performers and songwriters. He is passionate about music and cares for his students.

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Harrow, London
Home visits available
Hourly Rate: 25
Half Hourly Rate: 15