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I started playing music at the age of 12, having developed a love for rock. I quickly broadened my range and discovered new genres,styles and techniques, spending time at music school/conservatoirein Chile and later achieving a Music degree in London. Acquiring such a rich musical and cultural understanding, plus working in such a diverse settings over more than 2 decades has helped me shape my talent, driving my continued passion for drumming and percussion. Over this time, I have experienced a wide range of professional and non professional musical environments,from bus tours to high sea contracts, music festivals to local gigs. Blending these skills and experience has inspired me to be extremely adaptable and sensitive musician, easy to work with and always passionate about extracting the best sound out of my instrument and capabilities.

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Enough about me, this is what you will learn by taking lessons with me:

-I teach my lessons in “drum battle” style, or 2 face to face drum kits. With this method, there’s no need to explain, you will learn by imitation. (Also enables social distancing)
-We will work up the multiple layers of coordination required for drumming using established methods and songs.
-Polish your “pocket”(accuracy of playing) by recording and listening to your playing.
-Work through fundamental styles in this order – Rock-Funk-Jazz-Latin-
-Matching your hands with “Stick Control” book.
-Learning sight-reading.

Learning all the above will prepare to face any level of playing in any musical situation whereas professional or non-professional.

But you might not be interested in all the above and just learn an specific song, NO PROBLEM! I can make you sound like your favourite drummer.

Most important aspect is to have FUN.

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Acton, London

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