Lewis Carr

Lewis Carr

Lewis has had a passion for music and guitars for as long as he can remember. Lewis learnt to play guitar from a tutor and therefore understands from experience the journey of a guitar student. He joined his first band at 13 years old and has since performed and recorded with bands of all genres, from blues to rock and soul to pop and electronic dance music.
Lewis has years of experience teaching guitar students of all ages and has a particular skill for encouraging younger students through the early stages of their guitar education. Whilst ensuring a solid foundation in music theory and music technique, Lewis’ curriculum is about enjoyment and instilling in his students the desire to pick up the guitar and play.
Through experience Lewis has learnt to tailor lesson plans and content to the strengths and needs of individual students in order to motivate his pupils and promote progress. He has experience preparing students for musical examinations but is equally passionate about teaching those who just want to play, perform, hone their skills and enjoy themselves.

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