Kieran Gunter

Kieran Gunter

Kieran is a highly experienced London based music tutor able to teach multiple instruments and having done so in several countries. He currently works part time for the Harrow Music Service and as a private one-to-one tutor in London. Prior to this, he had worked as a self-employed peripatetic in West Yorkshire, which itself had been preceded by working for the highly renowned Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust, and also a stint in the USA co-leading a music program at a summer camp.

As an instrumentalist Kieran is foremost a guitarist and can offer lessons in electric, classical and acoustic guitar. Additionally, he teaches piano, music theory, composition and arranging.

Kieran is a great admirer of the renowned music educator Paul Harris and in particular, buys into his simultaneous learning technique. With this, all the areas that need to be developed in order to play a musical instrument are developed from the off at an equal speed, reducing the likelihood of students having a lopsided understanding of their instrument and its wider musical sphere. This means no two students learn everything in the same order and Kieran is not just repeating the same blueprint every time. From this, students of his really understand the music they are playing from an early moment and are much more likely to sooner hit the magic stage where they go from being tutor dependent learners to self-dependent learners. Ultimately, what Kieran wishes to achieve with each student is to develop a love of playing music that will last a person’s lifetime.

Although by no means a core principle of his teaching rationale, Kieran is more than happy to help students prepare for musical examination should they wish to go down this avenue. He has experience with the syllabuses of all the major examination boards, including Trinity, Rockschool, ABRSM and London College of Music and students that have entered under his tuition can currently boast a 100% distinction pass rate.

As a performer, Kieran works in a variety of musical genres that, from the perspective of learning and rehearsing music, all operate in slightly different ways. As a result, he has first-hand experience of all of the main ways music can be taught (e.g. aurally, visually, and kinaesthetically). This versatility makes him an ideal teacher for implementing wholesome, efficient and enjoyable musical learning to students of all ages and abilities.

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