Kaisha - Marie Tavernier

Kaisha - Marie Tavernier

Kaisha-Marie has been blessed with a soulful voice much older than her age. She was surrounded by music from a very early age, having been raised by a vocalist mother and her uncles who have instilled her love of anything sound engineering related.
Kaisha-Marie started singing on stage at the age of 8, singing for the commonwealth celebrations as a child and having to overcome any fears of public performance live at the commonwealth institute. After touring England in the early 2000’s, Kaisha-Marie went on to gain her qualifications in sound engineering and a music technology diploma. Kaisha-Marie has been blessed with the opportunity to perform live at Wigmore Hall to foreign dignitaries with high acclaim. Kaisha-Marie is an experienced professional singer, she also writes music and has over 22 years experience on stage, recording, as well as teaching children and adults. Kaisha-Marie truly believes, ‘if you can speak you can learn to sing’ & she looks forward to helping you on your musical journey.

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