Daniel Veasey

Daniel Veasey

Daniel Veasey is a British musician and educator whose teaching experience spans over 10+ years. 

He holds a First-Class Honours degree in Music Performance & Composition and comes from a background of both classical and jazz study under the tutorage of high-profile academic professionals such as Vanessa Latarche and Eddie Harvey.

Daniel’s mission is to help students build and foster a strong relationship with music in his teaching by being adaptable, encouraging and sensitive to each individual’s wants and needs. He achieves this by being stylistically flexible as a musician, allowing him to support a wide range of students via study in genres including classical, rock & pop, to jazz and anything in between. Favouring neither academic nor non-academic routes of learning, he supports students to find a path that works best for them. As part of his practice he arranges and adapts music of modern artists and genres for his students. 

Daniel believes in order to get the best out of music it should be studied as a language. His pupils are encouraged to explore a spectrum of learning topics such as reading, listening, theory and writing. This empowers them to develop into well-rounded musicians who can express themselves with the confidence and fluency needed to become a connected member of the world’s rich musical community for life. 

As a professional pianist Daniel has a history of performing various styles of music from classical to jazz from local jams to music festivals. He has lead and co-lead jazz and fusion based projects from trios to septets, often performing his own compositions and arrangements. 

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