Daniel Frangulea

Daniel Frangulea

WchiWa is an experienced producer and musician, currently based in London UK, with a demonstrated history of working in the audio industry. Learning how to play the guitar at the age of 14 was the catalyst that started his music career. He toured with a few rock & progressive metal bands and started teaching, until switching the focus more on media music.
In 2015, he began writing music for short films, at the same time as learning the craft of composition and sound design. Gaining some exposure, he quickly started collaborating with big advertisement brands, for which he composed the music and shaped the sound of their marketing content. Some of the brands include The Brentford Football Club, Renault, Red Bull, Disney Channel, Adidas, Avis and many others. (2015-2021)
In 2016 he relocated from Bucharest to London, to pursue a (Hons) BA Music Technology Specialist degree. In the second year, the research was focused on enriching the film music knowledge and experimenting with live electronic music. He partnered with Mi.MU Gloves as a tester, before their commercial release, while implementing the technology in his experimental project. In the last university year, he produced the work ‘’Spatial Dimension In Music’’ which looked at exploring the possibilities of ambisonics in binaural ambient music. This was all done while staying on top of the commissioned audio work, full-time.
Fast forward to 2021, WchiWa continues to work with small to big brands in delivering their music & audio needs and producing various artists & singers, the latest release being ‘’The Real Thing’’, showcased in publications such as La Belle Musique, Glide Magazine, From The Strait etc. The everlasting love for guitar is also presently expressed by working as a teacher for Your Guitar Academy and various other top London guitar academies.

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