Alessandro Iannicelli

Alessandro Iannicelli

Alessandro Iannicelli has a degree in Philosophy and is highly interested in teaching/learning techniques and pedagogy in general.
Alessandro  has been studying drums since the age of 10 and has had the chance to be included in some amazing recording sessions both in Italy and here in London. Moreover he was lucky to take part in many masterclasses with guys like Dave Weckl, Chris Coleman, Marco Minneman, Gregory Hutchison and many others.
Alessandro has been practicing constantly for 16 years now going deeply into the didactic aspect of drumming and achieving a diploma at NAM, one of the best music school in Italy. In 2018 he graduated in “Popular Music Performance” at BIMM and is currently doing a master course in “Record Production” at University of West London.

Lessons will involve hand technique (fingers control, wrists motions/Gladestone technique, push-pull technique, Moeller technique), feet techniques (heel down position, heel up position, constant motion technique, heel-toe doubles and multiples, rocking’ motion).
After this first but necessary step he usually likes to make the student spend time on two of the most important skills for a drummer, coordination and independence, with a method that he personally developed.
The next and most important step is to work on timing and inner-clock in order to face the study of the different genres and styles of music each one with its own vocabulary ( Blues, Jazz, R’n’B, Soul, Rap, Rock, Metal, Drum’n’Bass). Recording sessions can be included as well using my personal studio.
The program can obviously change in relation to the student’s needs and for young kids Alessandro usually tries to interact playing together and making the lesson funny and useful at the same time.

Alessandro can either give lessons at his place in Southfields, West London or move pretty much everywhere around London (with a few pounds more for the journey). Get in touch for more information or any questions.

“Alessandro has been both a focused teacher and a good friend since we first met. His passion for music and drums together with his unique approach to teaching makes him the best teacher I could ask for when I first started playing drums”. (John Maylan, Student that I prepared for the grade 8 and that is now studying in BIMM London)


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